You was scammed? Just tell us your story and warn other users!
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23 Oct 2019, 04:57

BEWARE! SCAMMERS! Placed order with BTC to Received an email claiming to have tracking number within the email, but really only showed order number. They have ignored all emails asking for tracking number and I have not received the order. On their site the review system is fake. Tried putting a review but of course it doesn’t show up. Maybe they’ll read this and send my order and answer my emails 😳
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thanks for the info dude
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24 Oct 2019, 17:32

Correction received order now! 👍
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Sorry can’t figure out how to delete the post
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I made an account just to "promote" eurochems. they sent first 2 orders untracked then 3 untracked they didnt and suggested i use tracked shipping which is 15EUR. So i said nothing about those 3 orders that never arrived and ordered again with tracking.
after the order changed status to "completed" i never received a tracking number on my email. i kept messaging them for 2 weeks and they kept ignoring me. until i said i will flood the internet with bad reviews. then they answered and said my order is sent. 5 days after the order was shipped by UPS but still they sent me no tracking link or id.
So they sent this. it took 3 weeks for a shipping option that is advertised as 1-2 days in europe. mostly because of me threatening them.
I try another order thinking there was a fault in UPS.
same thing. its been 3 weeks, order never arrived, i have not received a tracking link or id or anything. they told me they cant reship and if i want store credits instead. I said i want store credits so i can reorder and now they stop responding. I told them again that i will flood the internet with bad reviews and here i am!
there is absolutely no reason to gamble with your money on because eurochems scam and eurochems are scammers.
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scammer,i order some on 25/10/2019,paid 200usd,but now not received my package and no answer.
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Don't send them btc!!
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I do not understand I order last week I got my package not to trace, no problem and again this week I recommend but this time if by ups and the package should arrive in the afternoon but one thing to say this is not it's product of very good quality
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2 weeks have passed, I paid ........ the goods did not come .. please help :cry:
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zions1 wrote:
01 Dec 2019, 13:44
2 weeks have passed, I paid ........ the goods did not come .. please help :cry:
Even within Europe, you usually would wait up to 21 days before contacting support.
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