Discussion, exchange of reviews - 5F-ADB, FUB-AMB, NM-2201, JWH ...
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03 Feb 2020, 19:04

I got my tracking today I will update here when it arrives and talk about quality.
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03 Feb 2020, 22:10

That's am aspect of them i love, their orders they ship the will always provide you with a tracking number.
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04 Feb 2020, 07:51

Whats their best selling benzo? I want to try their clonazolam and etizolam.
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04 Feb 2020, 22:18

Imhappyclam wrote:
04 Feb 2020, 07:51
Whats their best selling benzo? I want to try their clonazolam and etizolam.
I can vouch for their etizolam, the quality is great.
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05 Feb 2020, 15:15

Please their 3 meo pcp batch i got recently is very poor quality but as for their etizolam and 2fdck its on point.
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06 Feb 2020, 08:28

Anyone tried their sgt151, i have only carried out researches with their 5fmdmb2201 which effects were great. I will appreciate if anyone could help me.
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06 Feb 2020, 17:53

I think i once had a gram from them at it was really nice very strong.
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08 Feb 2020, 02:19

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08 Feb 2020, 10:43

Chinabest for best . Top quality i can hardly imagine i thought i was the only one who knew or had an experience with their quality.
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13 Feb 2020, 08:13

They have just some few cannabiniods and stimulants that they can ship out now at moment, BMDP
Above chemicals can ship out now. Others still need to wait.
That was message i got from them and that they have just one courier at moment though their own part of China has not yet been affected by the virus. Those are the only Chems that can go out at moment.
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