is a scam

You was scammed? Just tell us your story and warn other users!
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13 Sep 2018, 15:26

I ordered there for 75€
Paid every thinh directly with Bitcoin
Did not receive any thing from them
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13 Sep 2018, 16:29

Thx for Information
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13 Sep 2018, 17:47

Have had ordered there earlier this year and had no problems. But read a few more posts that theyre not delivering since 1+ months.
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11 Mar 2019, 12:32

I just received my order and every thing seams fine dont know why you guys are raging about
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14 Mar 2019, 04:15

Eh I saw a 7-8 Year flawless Vendor exit scam and was gone in less than 1 week. Any Source can turn to shit literally overnight so nobody can truly know what is going on here but wait and see with time what happens for all we know they are starting to simply beginning to start selective scamming and as more time goes by with each passing month you will see more and more complaints.

That is purely speculation as I have never even heard of this Vendor let alone placed an order with them for the record.
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