Which stim to go for?

The stongest stimulants - HEXEN, 3FPM, MDPHP, BKEBDP and lot of more!
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09 Mar 2019, 16:48

So I was doing a lot of 4-MMC - Binging for days on end - Using it everyday for 120 days straight ended up having a huge tolerance downing 36 grams my last day of fucking with that shit - Been using drugs since I was 10 years old and now I'm 33 - My addiction days are over but I'm looking for the right stim or cathinone that I could use functionally - I've been using amphetamines and cocaine lately but the quality is too much hit or miss.

I was doing 4-MMC for two years ended up buying 1.25kgs and just going through it

Not bragging just telling where I'm coming from

Never in my life had a comedown or ever felt serotonin depletion - So what would be the right one for me?

NEP? 3-MMC? 3-FPM? 2-FA?

I want that rush and ability to get shitfaced but also just going on about my business
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16 Mar 2019, 01:41

3mmc mate is your closest!
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