Searching Vendor for U4990

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Junglerow wrote:
14 Apr 2019, 00:27
Hey those substances are something not worth mentioning. It’s damn impossible to get that in now as it’s an epidemic with injuries. Your best bet is to just get the real deal from Marco. Brown is everywhere, good luck
That just sucks for people who are being affected by the epidemic and need this class of medication of medicinal purposes. People like me, who are stuck with a brain disease for life. I don't want anything strong; I was prescribed low-dose opioid therapy for 3 years after everything failed, 10 mg, 3 times a day. Never increased my dose. Never experienced withdrawals. My life got much better, went back to Uni and am almost done. Never got a tolerance to the antidepressant, anti-insomnia, pain-killing or anti-anxiety effects. But now restrictions are tightening, again.

Needles and stronger things are a no go. Hell can always burn hotter for everyone, but for people in my situation, we can't afford Hell burning hotter. We desperately need policy reform or access to some weak opioid that's safe enough for responsible use. In my instance, O-DSMT is impossible to find but other, more dangerous things, are available. It's fucked up. And Brown is not the answer, might as well just end it, you know? It's kinda sad, I know I'm not alone. I just want medical help and I can't get it from professionals because of the very fent epidemic you speak of. If you haven't, check this out.. You'll find it interesting. This epidemic was manufactured, these are the court documents from Purdue/The Sacklers Family. ... n-lawsuit/

Been waiting on this for 2013 as an antidepressant (if I just went into get subs, I'd be labeled a drug abuser which I'm not), which has the same ingridents as subs. Despite positive results and numerous trials, the FDA keeps denying it for nefarious reasons. We're in a shitty situation and time period here. ... -unlikely/

This antidepressant would have less side effects than any current antidepressant, and would actually work instead of turning you into a emotionally unstable zombie.
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14 Apr 2019, 14:12

I completely understand! I had the opportunity to study the U499 & it was great mimic. It was only a sample and it lasted. Then the vendor caught heat, I believe he was sabotaged because he had to close down fast but he did reopen but excluded opioid synthesis.

I know your struggle, sometimes a doctor won’t increasr or won’t provide what you know is wrong.

You just gotta think good and hard to figure out how to get what you need. Do you have a tor onion?
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Sabrina wrote:
24 Jul 2018, 05:43
Hey guys, my old Vendor didn't offer U4990 for now. Anybody knows another Vendor for this substance or other similar opioids like FUF, U4770, Buc183 or Fentanyl? I'm searching since month's but nobody offers such substances or nothing was close enough to the quality from my old seller :(
Hi there. I have grade A1 U4990, Fentanyl, Buc183.
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I also offer secure shipping with tracking information available
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We supply Research Chemicals products as follows:
Courriel .......... ‪247onlinemedstore‬
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whattsapp ... +1 720 892 6788
mmbc, mabc, mdphp,
fub-amb, Fub-akb48, Fub-pinaca
Fab144, FDU-PB22, Nm2201, 4f-php, Th-pvp, 4-CL-PVP, 4CEC, 4CDC, 4emc, 4mpd, 4cprc, 5F-AB-FUPPYCA, 5C-AKB48, 5F-MDMB-2201, 5F-CUMYL-PINACA, AZ-037, 5-mapb, 5capb, 5mapdi, alprazolam, 3-meo-pcp, 4-meo-pcp, 3-meo-pce, 3-ho-pcp, 3-meo-pcmo, Hex-en, hexedrone, mexedrone, 5f-pcn, 5f-adb, 5f-amb, 5f-aeb, 5F-MN24,2fdck,alprazolam
Courriel .......... ‪247onlinemedstore‬
wickr....... believeingod
whattsapp ... +1 720 892 6788
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You shipping from Ukraine with a US aerial code you a scam.

Avoid rcwholesaler he's a scammer
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Your LITERALLY NOT LOOKING HARD ENOUGH! everything I have seeked out I have found all but Norflurazepam I can only find 2 Vendors and both from the Netherlands same goes for Bromazolam plus Nitrazolam and Meclonazepam the only places I can find them are overpriced and or overpriced from sketchy Vendors.
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Now free, had to go deep by making a trip finally got a source for the opiates we want please i don't want to advertise their email here for it might get them into trouble, interested pm me i will give you my secure chat so we can talk, lets all help ourselves and finally stay out of scams
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