IS 5-MAPB even still available?

Discussion about most popular - 3MMC, 4CMC, MDMA, 5MAPB and another!
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14 Mar 2019, 00:48

From what I read and asked Vendors about 5-MAPB they all say that nobody is able to make it for them in Labs they buy the chemicals from due to some reason to due with the direct source for this Research Chemical no longer producing it or available or some?

I never got to try 5-MAPB I was just wondering if anyone can explain why it's no longer available to purchase form any Vendors currently. I know 5-MAPB was a very desired and heavily Researched and Ordered Research Chemical considering the countless posts about 5-MAPB and about where to get it and how it is virtually nearly impossible to tell the difference between 5-MAPB and MDMA Chemical Effects that they both produce?
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16 Mar 2019, 19:43

That stuff was dodgy both me and my partner had a very bad experience with it.

It was good when on it the bad side came after and I cannot remember what it was but I remember there were lots of others on bluelight had the same negative effects!

We are VERY experienced with rc`s and other drugs and have done literally thousands of E`s in our time so we are not lightweights!

It wasn't like e/mdma at all more like 5 or 6 apb iirc
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