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07 Nov 2019, 14:29

Never had an issue with these guys!

At worst, delivered in 6-7 day, but mostly 4-5.
Quality of the goods has remained consistently good and they always answer emails, usually within a couple of hours max! I’ve always used the one free re-reship delivery but am yet to experience any issues!
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08 Nov 2019, 11:26

Received an order this morning! Took 2 days in transit and and as usual stealth wrapped and discreet etc.
Had an extra 10 pills added which is a nice touch.
I really can’t understand the negative reviews?
Must be trolls or the competition jealous of the truth?
Oh well, Chempirates are great for me!
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08 Nov 2019, 18:48

Just made first order with chempirates, so will let you know when I have received the goods.
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09 Nov 2019, 14:53

I tend to order little and often to keep things flowing without over doing it, lol.

My usual order received - everything spot on!

Thank you guys at CP
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09 Nov 2019, 18:41

Chempirate stolen money! Scam vendor
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11 Nov 2019, 14:32

The negativity really surprises me?!
Perhaps only a few customers feel let down and continue to rant???? and rightly so, as I would.
But where I’m concerned all orders have arrived within a reasonable time frame. Am I the lucky one?
Just about to have a little upper sesh now.......
Cheers to all!
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11 Nov 2019, 15:21

My wife signed for another order yesterday.
Yet to open up and sample, still, it’s here so hey oh.
Tried a few more products this time so I’m buzzing!
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